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Millions of Americans use propane to heat homes, heat water, cook food, dry clothes, heat swimming pools and run vehicles. Propane is one of the world's most efficient and economical sources of energy. That's just one more reason why the local name that you trust for your home comfort needs, can take care of all of your propane needs, too.

Why Choose Propane?
There are many good reasons why you should choose propane.
Check out why so many Americans choose propane as a first fuel source ›

Propane Gas Services
When it comes to your propane services, we've got everything you need.
Learn more about our range of propane gas services ›

Propane Equipment
Use propane for your furnace, water heater or generator? What about your cook top, clothes dryer or swimming pool? No matter how you use propane, we're fully equipped to help you.
Learn about all of the propane equipment we can service for you ›

Get the Facts About Propane
Make sure you know all of the facts about your home or business fuel source.
Get answers to some of the more important questions about propane now ›

Propane vs Electric
It's a fact: using propane in your home is more economical and more energy-efficient than electric!
There are many great reasons why propane is a smart choice compared to electric ›

Propane Safety & Handling
Propane is a very versatile and safe fuel when handled and stored correctly.
Make sure that you're always safe by reading our safety tips ›

Propane Energy Efficiency Tips
We've got great advice on how you can be even more energy efficient with propane.
Use our tips to help save energy and money on your propane utility bills ›